About Us

Our Mission

    At ZMS our main goal is to give youth in our community and school the confidence and knowledge to discuss the pressing issues that affect us all and to give other community members an understanding of the youth voice and opinions. We upload a new podcast episode every month on a relevant and important topic. ​

Our Team

   ZMS stands for Zoë, Molly, Sahali. Those are the three members of our wonderful team. We met in the leadership program at our school and became great friends. We do all the research and planning for every episode. Scroll down to learn more about each member.

Zoe Harvey


Zoë Harvey is an eccentric young woman who is very passionate about topics such as climate change, women's rights and more. She is enrolled in the Leadership program at Windermere Secondary and loves music and the outdoors. 


Two of Molly's grandparents were politicians and one of her moms works in the non-profit sector, so she grew up very politically charged. She co-runs her school's debate club and team and is obnoxiously argumentative about anything from LGBTQ2+ rights to the best flavour of ice cream.

Molly Jacobsen
Sahali Tsang


Sahali is fifth generation Chinese-Canadian and grew up in a family who always talked about politics and current events. Never shying away from giving her opinion Sahali is a strong-headed person who tends to be quite blunt, unintentionally. She is a part of the promotional team for a conference held by YWCA's Youth Advisory Council, as well as a member.